For such a long and agonizing process, he made it feel like a walk in the park. Thanks so much for all the time and hard work you put into my case! I am very grateful and am very happy my case got dismissed.



By far the real deal. Justin told me to let my case be completely handled by him and not to worry at all. He would update me the day of and was always professional. He won, not just one, but both of my cases!”



Justin Hall did an amazing job with my case! I couldn’t have asked for more. I did exactly what he asked of me and my case ended up being dismissed altogether. Some people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He brought justice to my name.



Mr. Hall Represented me in a DUI case. It was a difficult time for my family due to the circumstances. Mr. Hall was in my corner all the way and knew it was going to work out. He found angles that were amazing to clear my case with extreme integrity. That means a lot to me in a world where it is much needed. Mr. Hall always carried himself professionally and responded to my needs with confidence. My case was dismissed and do not know if yours will be but can tell you this "Mr Hall will give you the best chance in fairness and integrity to fight for you". It made a world of difference in mine, after it all was said and done am very thankful for the blessings that where in play. Mr. Hall comes highly recommended as someone who will fight for you and bring about a positive outcome under the circumstance. It would be an Honor to see Mr. Hall progress to a Judge or Higher Government Official.



Justin took my case knowing it was not going to be an easy one. After back and forth with the courts and probation Justin got me a deal that I couldn't refuse. I walked out a free woman, and no longer under the states thumb. Thank you Justin for your patience, understanding and most of all time!



Justin was such a pleasure to work with. I was so nervous and scared during this entire process. By Justin walking me through the legal aspects and keeping me up to date through the 10 months it took for evidence to come back, while staying compassionate, he made me feel as secure as I possibly could in a situation like this. Justin negotiated the terms of my probation to a lesser fine and was able to have a few months knocked off my probation time as well. He has also been very gracious in working with my financial situation. Without his help, I would have lost my license (on a first offense), spent more time and more money that I've had to. Justin is a wealth of knowledge.



Mr. Hall was able to completely clear me of the charges i was faced with, for a reasonable price. I was lucky to have had him as an attorney as my case couldnt have been executed any better. I appriciate everything hes done. Mr. Hall is literally a lifesaver.



I could not have asked for a better attorney to help me out with my case. Justin is very knowledgeable of the law and really knows what he is doing. I highly recommend Justin Hall to anybody that needs an attorney.



The experience I had working with Justin Hall far exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail, focus, determination- and ability to obtain all the facts led to the greatest outcome! I highly recommend him to ANYONE for ANYTHING!



Mr. Hall really went to bat for me. He handled absolutely everything from start to finish and said some extremely important words to me that really made me feel at ease." you worry about handling your business I will handle all of this". He was 100% correct. I was updated periodically however I put in zero legwork. I was being charged with a felony and lost my family in the process. Possibly loosing my job was what prompted his comment stated earlier. He took my case to the grand jury and the result was a "no bill" he had the protection order lifted allowing me access to my children and truly making this nightmare go away. I have not had a lot of dealings with the legal system as an adult. I was absolutely mortified to find out how the system really works. If it was not for people like Mr Hall I would guess the prisons would be full of innocent people. Thank you Mr. Hall for everything you do!!



By far the real deal. It didn't take long for me to believe in what he told me he would do. Justin told me to let my case be completed handled by him and not to worry at all. He would update me the day of, responded back to emails within a few hours, and was always professional. With obvious reasons, he was able to take complete care of all issues. He won, not just one, but both of my cases!



Thanks so much for everything! For such a long and agonizing process, you made it feel like a walk in the park. Thanks so much for all the time and hard work you put into my case! I am very grateful and am very happy my case got dismissed and I enjoyed meeting you.



Justin Hall did an amazing job with my case! Couldn't have asked for more. He was persistent and and determined. I did exactly what he asked of me and my case ended up being dismissed all together(: Some people are just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He made sure to serve justice to my name.



When I first became aware that I was going to be put into a situation that would forever change my life, I didn't think there would be anyone that would understand what I was going through, nor did I think they could do anything about it. I was completely wrong. From day one, Justin was beyond thorough. Not only did he explain the exact nature of the situation, he told me exactly how we would handle it, and how we would change our approach depending on any changes made by the prosecution. Some people think that an attorney is only utilitarian in nature, that their only purpose is to make sure you get the most lenient punishment possible. I think Justin personifies more than that. Not only was he able to advocate for me in a way that improved the outcome more than I could have hoped for, but he was, at times, a friend. Justin knew when it seemed as though the odds were stacked against me; and he knew when it seemed as if the wind was taken from my sails. He always maintained his confidence in our approach and always knew when to give encouragement to get me through what has so far been one of the toughest and longest trials of my life. I would not hesitate one second to recommend Justin to anyone going through any legal situation, let alone, going through one that seems insurmountable. Lastly, Justin's staff was as instrumental to me maintaining my sanity as he was. They are always on the spot with any information needed and very fast to respond. Justin and his whole team deserve this perfect rating!



I had just moved to TX when I ran into trouble with law enforcement for the 1st time in my life. I was scared to death and retained Justin to help me. From day one he was compassionate yet honest. He told me straight how things were going to be and I needed that. I believe we worked well together, he listened to me and I him. I have learned more about the law in this past year than I ever wanted to know and Justin was right there with me the whole way. What I learned about working with an attorney is that it is a joint effort; you get out of it what you put into it.



Justin Hall is all around fantastic at what he does. He's been my attorney for about 3 years now, and he helped me from start to finish with my legal troubles. From getting me on deferred probation (for 5 years) to helping me get off probation early (off in 2 years). He will even be helping me in 3 years from now when i'm eligible to seal my record. Through out it all, he was there to help me and he successfully did his job. Hes trustworthy, dependable, and straight forward, which I think are all important qualities in a defense attorney. He's not going to bullshit you so he can make some money. He's going to work for you, because he's good at what he does, and he can help AND he wants to help. If you're in need of some help from a defense attorney in the Dallas, TX area contact him immediately.


Three words that describe Justin Hall, Professional, Aggressive, and Tenacious. He goes above and beyond for his clients, and actually makes you feel cared about. Justin always answers your calls and explains what is going on with the case. He gets down to business, and will not stop until justice is DONE!! Rock Star representation!!


I would without a doubt recommend Justin Hall to anyone in need of a good attorney. I was confident from the moment I met him that he was going to be the voice of reason in a totally Life changing course of court hearings. Justin grabbed the bull by the horns and fought for my innocence throughout my whole trial. I felt confident from the start that he would stand up for me with all the assets he could dig up and I would come out of my bogus charge as a winner. He most definitely put many hours of thought, preparation and facts in an impressive way. After seven hearings and Justin beside me thru then all I was able to walk away from the courtroom found not guilty, which was true from the beginning. Justin has a strong knowledge of the law, a caring demeanor and a powerful way with his representation. An all around good man, but more importantly one hell of a lawyer!! I will never use anyone else.


Justin is very patient. Very informative. Responsive. If i didn't get a chance to talk to him he was quick to call me back. He was able to work a miracle in my case and he was very accommodating to helping me through financially. He didn't beat around the bush and was very helpful.


Mr. Justin Hall is a very outstanding man and lawyer. He is very smart , intelligent, and knowledgeable about the law. As soon as I first met him ,I felt very comfortable with him taking on my case. The first thing he said was we are going for a dismissal for the case. And guess what . That's exactly what we got . So I highly recommend Mr. Justin to any and every body. Thank you sir for your justice of the law.


Very Informal, and straight to the point. He's with you every step of the way! Thank you Justin and team!


In March 2013 had hired Mr. Hall to represent me. Mr. Halls Law Firm did every positive effort to represent me and protect my rights as a United States Citizen under the Law. He was in my corner every step of the way and gave me confidence in the outcome. We won our case and extremely grateful in making the choice to hire Justin Hall Law Firm to represent me. It was a Winning situation. Honesty and Integrity are the greatest factors in his representation. That was so important to us. He comes highly recommended.


We have to say thank you to Justin k Hall so much to help us dismiss the case. He is excellent lawyer, knowledgeable, and know what he doing. When we started working with him, he take his time explained step by step what he will do to win the case and get it right. We are glad that we find him as our lawyer. He also make us feel comfortable to talk too. The price was affordable and with great job. He always up date on the case and we don't have to worry . We are highly recommend Justin Hall to everybody.


Justin is an exceptionally skilled Criminal Defense Attorney. I have found him to be very responsive, compassionate, meticulous and strong in the courtroom. He has demonstrated a willingness to help my family in any way he can and has jumped over hurdles to prove my son's innocence. Justin has taken time away from his own family to save mine and it is very much appreciated. I have no reservation about recommending Justin to anyone.