Possession Of Marijuana

Marijuana Possession Laws Are Undergoing Reform In Texas

The location of your arrest for possession of marijuana in Texas matters. If the police find you with a small amount of marijuana in Rockwall or Dallas counties, you are more likely to be issued a citation, rather than be arrested.

However, depending on the amount, the fines and penalties remain. The laws continually change but Justin K. Hall is a lawyer who stays abreast of these changes to best prepare your case.

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Experience And Skill To Deflect The Charges Against You

Respected and trusted in the legal community, Mr. Hall negotiates with prosecutors to work out agreements to dismiss the charges against you.

While eligibility for programs differs from county to county, The Law Office of Justin K. Hall, P.C., works to reduce the stress of your situation through strategies, including:

  • Pretrial diversion
  • Drug tests
  • Community service
  • Drug education class

Other factors such as your age and whether this is your first offense, may open doors of opportunity to keep your record clear.

Thorough Analysis Of Your Arrest

At The Law Office of Justin K. Hall, P.C., we conduct a thorough analysis of the arrest to determine suppression issues based on traffic stop arrest, determine if the facts demonstrate you were subject to an illegal search and seizure.

We review the steps taken in your case regarding government detainment procedures of you and if there was probable cause to stop you in the first place.

Attorney Hall understands that each detail of your case provides an important key to a solid case for a favorable outcome. His experience and knowledge link with valuable resources.

Located in Garland, The Law Office of Justin K. Hall, P.C., provides effective legal representation if you have been stopped for possession of marijuana in Collin, Dallas and Rockwall counties. If you are seeking a trusted attorney, email Mr. Hall or call his office at 972-587-7506.