Driving While Intoxicated — DWI

Accused Of An Alcohol-Related Offense?

If you have been arrested for DWI, your professional reputation is jeopardized. Your professional licenses are at risk along with your driving privileges, particularly if you were driving a company car at the time of your arrest.

If you were the passenger of the car during this arrest, you could also be arrested for public intoxication. Additionally, if there is an open alcohol container in the car, you can be fined up to $500, whether you are the driver or the passenger.

During an arrest, a driver just needs to ask for an attorney, they do not need to give any evidence upfront. Police officers are trained to hone in on arresting a driver and denying the driver full due process under the law.

The Law Office of Justin K. Hall, P.C., is dedicated to defending drivers accused of the full spectrum of alcohol related offenses, especially in Rockwall County, including:

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Utilizing The Many Opportunities To Challenge The State's Evidence

With an end goal of zealously defending you, Justin Hall can employ a variety of valuable resources, including experts in the fields of:

  • Standardized field sobriety testing and breath test devices
  • Accident reconstruction experts
  • Pharmacologists
  • Toxicologists
  • Police procedure
  • Private investigation
  • Adult probation

While hiring an expert witness works for some cases, it is not always the best defense strategy. Mr. Hall evaluates each case to determine the best defense strategy to overcome the government's accusation and pending suspension of your driver's license and driving privileges.

Mr. Hall takes every opportunity to challenge the state's evidence against you.

Can I Challenge The Suspension Of My Driver's License?

After your arrest, you have 15 days to request a hearing to challenge the suspension of your license at an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing.

Protect your driving privileges, and email Mr. Hall or call him at 972-587-7506 for assistance with your ALR hearing.

He will challenge the suspension of your driver's license. By filing a request for a driver's license suspension hearing with the Texas Department of Public Safety ("TDPS"), the suspension of your driver's license is stopped and TDPS cannot proceed until a revocation hearing occurs in front of an administrative law judge. If necessary, Mr. Hall will compel the arresting officer to testify at your driver's license revocation hearing.

The suspension hearing is a great opportunity to conduct free discovery via the testimony of the arresting officer.